Great last minute gifts for teens

As christmas rolls around the corner the idea of gifts come to mind. As a teen myself I know how hard it is to choose just the right gift. So follow along for tips and ideas.

Girly teens

characteristic: loves all things pretty likes dresses wears bright colors

gift ideas: Jewelry (bracelets necklaces), nail polish, makeup bag, hair accessories, a comfy jacket, pajamas, a girly notebook, and makeup.


characteristic: loves outdoors is into sports and or teams

gifts: A jersey, a tee shirt with a number on it, a hat, some eyeliner (for those gameday square marks), lipgloss or chapstick, a camera or some headphones.

The comfy: A girl who is more into sweats and teeshirts than they are dresses and skirts. A tomboy and a girly girl can be comfy.

good gifts: pajama pants (fuzzy), a onesie, a pair of tights, knee high socks, slippers, sweat pants (always), phone covers, or a sleep mask can also include things like food candy and even lipstick.

All girls

some gifts apply to everyone and are amazing gifts

mini lotions

Gum/ chocolate/candy

gift cards



mini bag (for anything they want)

basic makeup

lipgloss and chapstick- don’t want those lips to be ashy do ya?

To find out more gifts for teens you can visit this link.

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